Wednesday, October 5, 2011

European Union Center Featured in Illinois International Review

(Left to right) European Union Center Director A. Bryan Endres,
UI Interim Chancellor Robert Easter, Hungarian Ambassador
 György Szapáry, and Interim Associate Provost for International
 Affairs Wolfgang Schlör during EU Day March 11, 2011.
Photo by Matt Rosenstein.
The European Union Center is featured heavily in this semester's Illinois International Review, an online publication from the University of Illinois International Programs and Studies office. The Review, which is published once per semester, aims "to reflect the wide range of the university’s international engagement and research." From the EUC's prestigious grant awards to the important and timely discussions it sponsors, the European Union Center is clearly a vital contributor to "the university's international engagement." Here's a rundown of the EUC's appearances in this semester's Review:

This year, the EU awarded the EUC with two prestigious grants: the European Union Center of Excellence grant for research and teaching, and the Jean Monnet Module for course development. The article details the amounts of each grant, as well as what they will be used for. Check it out here: Illinois Awarded Distinguished European Union Grants

As part its annual EU Day event hosted at the University of Illinois, in 2011 the EUC co-sponsored the fourth annual Transatlantic Security Symposium. This panel discussion highlighted some of the most important issues facing European Union security. Read the article here: The End of National European Armies?

The EUC helped sponsor the 2011 International Photo Contest, which received many impressive entries. The winners are posted here: 2011 International Photo Contest Winners

The Illinois-Sweden Program for Educational and Research Exchange (INSPIRE) is an exciting new partnership between the University of Illinois and a group of top-ranked institutions in Sweden. This program marks an important new area of engagement between the University of Illinois and one of the EU's strongest economic regions. The European Union Center contributes to INSPIRE through grants, and EUC-affiliated faculty are at the forefront of the initiative. Find out more, here: Illinois Launches Transnational Partnership Alliance with Leading Universities in Stockholm

Finally, the Illinois for Illinois (I4I) study abroad scholarship received renewed endorsement in large part thanks to one of the EU Center's MAEUS students, Allyce Husband, one of six students working as advocates for the scholarship. To learn more about their efforts, and Allyce's contributions, check out the article here: Landslide Vote to Endorse Support for Study Abroad


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