Friday, April 20, 2012

European Union Center Featured in Illinois International Review

Maciej Pisarski, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC, speaks with students during his visit to campus in December 2011.
Once again, the European Union Center has filled the pages of the Illinois International Review, a publication from the University of Illinois International Programs and Studies office. The Review, which is published once per semester, aims "to reflect the wide range of the university’s international engagement and research." The EUC and the EU being no exception, here's a recap of the EUC's appearances in this semester's Review:

The European Union's
financial crisis is the topic of one article by founding Director of the EUC Larry Neal, who provides an analysis of the European Central Bank and the European Stability Mechanism. Check it out here: Can the Eurozone Last?

Reneé Gordon Holley, Ph.D. candidate in musicology and 
European Union Center affiliated graduate student, highlights the numerous events sponsored by the EUC that have helped to provide Americans a thoughtful and scholarly understanding of the effects of the Eurozone crisis on this side of the Atlantic. Read the article here: Engaging the Public on the Euro Crisis

The EU Center has also been helping to bring European cinema to the University of Illinois. In addition to cosponsoring the First Annual Greek Film Festival, the EUC provides ongoing European Movie Nights. Read the Review's article about international cinema here: International Film at Illinois in 2012


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