Monday, September 24, 2012

EUC Affiliated Faculty Member selected as Beckman Fellow, Center for Advanced Study

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Julie L. Cidell, a faculty member of the Department of Geography and affiliated faculty of the European Union Center, was recently selected as a Beckman Fellow, Center for Advanced Study.  Cidell's proposal, “The City That Greens: Creating Chicago's New Urban Environment”, focuses on urban greening projects within Chicago.

During her Center appointment Professor Cidell will make a case study of the city's efforts to "green" its urban environment, from the 1996 beautification of selected downtown streets in preparation for the Democratic National Convention through the end of Mayor Richard M. Daley’s term in 2011.

The project is expected to result in a book proposal that will address the reasons why potentially contradictory programs exist side by side, and how different city departments and individuals within those departments produced these different programs under the umbrella of greening the city.


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