Wednesday, December 5, 2012

MAEUS Grad Releases Single, Music Video

Lauren Anatolia (pseudonym of Lauren Turk) graduated from the Illinois MAEUS program in 2012, spending half of her studies in Paris, France. While there, Anatolia reacquainted herself with singing and performing in small venues throughout Paris, the European Forum in Austria, and even the U-Bahn of Berlin. Anatolia is currently based in LA working on a debut EP. She incorporates her academia, travels and overall life experience into her music, creating an intimate setting with the listener. Her first single, Four Words, epitomizes the challenges of a temporary resident in a foreign place -- falling in love with a city, a people, and a lifestyle. The song and video exhibit nostalgia and feature beautiful clips shot in some of Europe's most celebrated cities -- Paris, Berlin and Budapest, to name a few.


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