Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congratulations to the Spring 2013 Photo Contest Winners

The European Union Center sponsors an annual photo contest, which invites U of I students, faculty and staff, to submit photos that were taken in the EU and are inspired by a specific theme. This year's winners will be recognized at the  EU Center's annual European Union Day in February 2013, and their photos will be on display at the event.

This year's theme is "Competition & Cooperation". The EU is a major force on the world stage; its member states collaborate extensively both within and outside of its borders. These relationships are built not only through high-level politics and trade, but also in everyday society: sports, arts, culture, science, and research all play a role. Collaborative efforts are evolving amidst the current financial crisis and other global events, such as the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. These photos show what it really means for European countries to compete and cooperate within the EU, across the Atlantic, and beyond.

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Place

"A Connection" - Prof. Kathryn H. Anthony (School of Architecture )

“A Connection” by Finish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen spans a street in Nicosia, Cyprus adjacent to the Greek-Turkish border as part of the United States of Europe exhibition. Shirts of many sizes and colors represent connections between people and countries. At first glance from a car window it appeared to be hanging laundry lines. Only a small sign across the street revealed its significance. Public art projects like this bring color, beauty, and joy to a depressed streetscape and play a powerful role in promoting peace across the globe. Photographed November 2012.

 2nd Place:

"Le Belle Bandiere (The Beautiful Flags)" - Sean P. Murphy (College of Law)

Between June 8 and July 1, Europe was captured once again by their overwhelming passion for football. This picture was taken as thousands of Italians gathered in front of the Duomo of Milano, the largest cathedral in Italy, to celebrate Gli Azzurri. For those 90 minutes, all worries about the euro crisis and Greek debt took a back seat as the people of Italy, Spain and Europe watched a fantastic game of football.

 3rd Place:

“Progressive Tradition” - Kristen E. Knight (College of Veterinary Medicine)

 This image was taken on a dairy farm in Betzhorn, Germany. Pictured is Mr. Helmut Evers, the owner of the dairy farm, which has been in operation and in the family since 1486. Helmut is seen here, instructing students on the important principals of farm animal indentification and tracking.

Ear tags, are one of many ways to identify an animal througout its life on the farm. Europe has forged a path for food animal health by implementing more strict tracking and record keeping, such as individual animal “passports”, with the goal of improved public health and safety. The cooperation of farmers within the EU must be maintained in order to keep the nations’ food supply safe and free from harmful pathogens such as foot and mouth disease. Animal welfare and husbandry are a direct line to the farmer’s livlihood, and while competition amongst producers may lead to the development of a superior product, it is the cooperation between them that makes the entire food system safe, affordable, and reliable.

This was one of the many stops Veterinary Students from the University of Illinois, University of Georgia, and University of Ohio, made on their trip to Germany while studying public health and veterinary medicine in Europe.

 Honorable Mentions

“Kırkpınar (Olive Oil Wrestling) in Edirne, Turkey” - Natalie Cartwright (European Union Studies)

Young men wrestle each other for the title of the top wrestler of the tournament. It is the longest running sports competition in the world, exemplifying how Turkey is holding onto tradition within its own borders while engaging in its long partnership of cooperation with the EU. Turkey is a nation on the rise boasting a competitive side within its own borders, but also across its borders.

“locks/river” - Maureen Stroke (College of Business)

This photo was taken in Prague, close to the Lennon wall. Although the owners of the locks overlooking the river are unknown, it shows that love and cooperation are alive in the Czech Republic and through the European Union.

"Under Construction" - Nathaniel Koppel (College of Law)

Cranes tower over Berlin on a cloudy August afternoon as statues keep watch over the city. As seen from the Reichstag, the German parliament building. Visitors from all around the world can tour the chambers, learning about politics in post-war Germany. The tour culminates in a trip to the top of the building, where one can see all of Berlin.

 "Good Food is Understood in Every Language" - Katherine Fleissner (FSHN-Dietetics)

This photo shows EU cooperation and hospitality outside its borders as Italians and Americans set aside any cultural differences or language barrier problems and enjoy a meal together. While neither country’s economy is currently thriving, friendship, understanding and trust can be cultivated through hospitality between these nations by fostering university students’ desires to experience education in another culture.


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