Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Interview with Professor miriam cooke

On March 4, miriam cooke, Professor of Arab Cultures at Duke University and the Director of the University’s Middle East Studies Center, was interviewed on Champaign-Urbana's NPR station, WILL-AM 580. Cooke spoke with Jim Meadows, host of Focus, about Islamic feminism, women who inspired the feminist movement in the Middle East in the 1990's and her early interest in Muslim women's writings.

Professor cooke is the European Union Center's visiting speaker for the Jean Monnet Lecture Series. Following the interview, Professor cooke delivered a lecture to students and faculty entitled,  "Mediterranean Networks: Connecting People, Ideas and Cultures Across Time". Focusing on on the transcultural networks of exchanges, borrowings and appropriations that have long linked the Mediterranean's diverse communities, cultures, and histories, cooke examined the ways in which these networks have constructed Medizen subjectivities.

Listen to Professor cooke's interview on the Focus website.


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