Friday, June 28, 2013

Online Guide to EU Law Developed by Jenner Law Library

The Jenner Law Library at the UIUC College of Law has developed an online guide to the Law of the European Union.  The guide is intended to serve as a starting point for research on EU law for both students and faculty members.  The guide provides undergraduates with basic information that succinctly summarizes the EU’s unique institutional structure and decision-making process.  Graduate students and scholars who are already familiar with the EU will appreciate the guide’s convenient links to frequently used legislative, judicial, and statistical databases, as well as links to specialist news coverage of the EU and credible blog commentary on EU law.   The guide may be accessed from the UIUC Library’s Portal to the European Union at Illinois by selecting “European Union Law LibGuide” from the pull-down menu labeled “EU Research Guides.”

Subjects covered by the guide include EU treaties, EU institutions, EU decision-making, EU legislation, the EU court system, and EU case law.  To access content pertaining to a particular subject, simply click on the relevant tab located at the top of the guide.  Each tab includes a brief overview of the subject matter, links to official EU websites and databases, as well as links to relevant print and electronic resources from the UIUC Library’s extensive collection of EU-related materials.  Additional tabs provide links for locating secondary sources on EU Law, subject-specific resources on EU Law, EU publications and statistics, and resources for keeping current on developments in EU law.  Each link opens in a new window, making it easy to navigate back and forth between the guide and the linked webpages.    

The reference librarians and graduate assistants at the Jenner Law Library are available to assist all members of the UIUC community with their research needs.  Individuals with questions related to European Union law may visit the Law Library’s reference desk in person or contact the reference desk by phone (217-244-0614) or by email (

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