Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Trans-Atlantic Partnership in Cultural Heritage

In December 2012, the Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy (CHAMP) and the University of Birmingham’s Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage (IIICH) in the United Kingdom signed a formal document of collaboration (Memorandum of Understanding/MoU), authorized by the two universities. The event took place at the University of Birmingham and included—representing UIUC—CHAMP’s director, Helaine Silverman (Anthropology), Timothy Barnes (Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships), Wayne Pitard (Director, Spurlock Museum), Paul Kapp (School of Architecture and Lynne Dearborn (School of Architecture). The Associate Director of the European Union Center, Matt Rosenstein, was unable to participate due to a winter illness.

The collaboration is conceived under the framework of “Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage.” Among the planned activities are joint workshops (the first of which was held on the UIUC campus on May 23-24, 2013 around the theme of popular culture and heritage), conferences, publications, shared museum exhibitions, and the development of teaching modules. EUC has provided funding to Helaine Silverman for a working trip this summer (June 2013) during which time she and her counterpart, Professor Mike Robinson, IIICH director, refined a study abroad program for UIUC undergraduates that will be offered in England in May 2014. While Mike Robinson was on campus in May of this year (2013) he met with Bryan Endres (EUC director) and Matt Rosenstein to discuss more ways in which IIICH and the EUC could collaborate, expanding the direct CHAMP-IIICH collaboration.


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