Wednesday, August 12, 2015

EUC Affiliated Faculty Xinyuan Dai Named a Linowes Faculty Fellow

The Cline Center for Democracy is pleased to announce the 2015-2016 David F. Linowes Faculty Fellows. Each of these exceptional scholars is strongly committed to research and teaching in areas of core interest to the Cline Center. The Linowes Fellowship recognizes their achievements and supports efforts to utilize and improve our data and software.

  • Prof. Dov Cohen (Psychology) focuses on the interaction between cultural logics, people and contexts, with an emphasis on comparing ‘face, dignity, and honor’-focused cultures. During his time as a Linowes Fellow, he plans to expand and enhance the Cline Center’s Composition of Religious and Ethnic Groups (CREG) database in order to improve our understanding of ethno-religious demography, lived socio-cultural traditions and their relationship to violent conflict.
  • Prof. Xinyuan Dai (Political Science) is a scholar of international institutions and cooperation, including trade, environmental protection and human rights regimes. As a Linowes Fellow, she plans to work with the Cline Center’s Legal Infrastructures data to understand how countries’ domestic institutions affect their ability and willingness to deepen their commitments to cooperative international agreements.
  • Prof. Dan Roth (Computer Science and Beckman Institute) works on machine learning and inference methods that enable natural language understanding. As a Linowes Fellow, he aims to expand the long-term partnership between the Cline Center and the Cognitive Computation Group. He plans to pursue novel research on machine-learning based tools for transforming the raw, natural language of news text into structured data about civil unrest and political violence. This effort will build on and enhance the capabilities of the Cline Center’s Social, Political and Economic Event Database (SPEED) and the Center-supported Phoenix Open Event Dataset.

These projects reflect the values, goals and standards set by David F. Linowes during his long and distinguished service to the University of Illinois and the American people. A University of Illinois alumnus, he served as a US Army Officer during WWII, as the Boeschenstein Professor of Political Economy and Public Policy at Illinois, and was a distinguished public servant. He worked tirelessly to enhance the welfare of his fellow citizens and countless others overseas by increasing the accountability and efficiency of businesses and governance.

Professor Linowes with President Reagan [Image Source]
Generous gifts from Professor Linowes and his family enable the Cline Center to support these Faculty Fellows, as well as the annual Linowes Lecture on Public Policy. These programs demonstrate Professor Linowes’ and the Cline Center’s commitment to applying cutting-edge academic knowledge to the most challenging policy issues and political problems facing democratic governance today.


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