Thursday, October 22, 2015

European Union Center Movie Night-Eurochannel Shorts: My Dear Family-Funny Games

Photo Still from "Homer's Disease" courtesy of Eurochannel
Article by Raphaela Berding

The European Union Center at the University of Illinois hosts "Movie Nights" every semester.  This semester, the movie nights will consist of short films presented by Eurochannel. Eurochannel is the award-winning television channel featuring premium European entertainment with the biggest stars in cinema, TV and music. Eurochannel is available on Sling International. To learn more, you can become a fan on Facebook on and follow on Twitter  

On Tuesday, October 13, the EUC hosted the first European Union Center Movie Night in the Fall 2015 Semester.  This Movie Night presented the seventh edition of the Eurochannel Short Films Tour, "My Dear Family." Seven short films from different European countries were shown, and all of these were in their original language with subtitles in English, which increased the experience's authenticity.

Family has been the core of European society.  It is the vital energy that moves countries and changes almost every aspect of life, from economics, to politics, and to arts. This familiar spirit was captured in these ten minute short films with stories about families, their challenges and greatest accomplishments. Through the eyes of the filmmakers and guided by their creativity, the viewers discover fascinating different cultural experiences.

Film topics vary from an unhappily married screenwriter who struggles to write a romantic scene, to a young IT specialist who is confronted with his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, and to a clumsy father who is trusted by his girlfriend to look after the family.  These aspects of family life and potential problems were touched upon and presented in creative and funny ways.

Each of the films was different in its nature, and provided a dynamic experience for the viewers. Everyone, disregarding their origin, has probably experienced one of the dilemmas that was presented and could therefore identify with it. Even though the viewers and filmmakers are culturally different from each other, the theme of families having obstacles all over the world displays similarities.

 The next European movie night will be hosted on Tuesday, November 3, 6PM.  The theme of these films will be "My Dear Family-the First Day of the Rest of Your Life."

Raphaela Berding is a Graduate Assistant at the European Union Center.  Eurochannel is available on Sling International. To learn more, you can become a fan on Facebook on and follow on Twitter  


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