Thursday, December 3, 2015

Rescue & Prevent: Responses to Europe's Migration Crisis (VIDEO)

The University of Pittsburgh's European Studies Center holds videoconferences every semester, and the EU Center at the University of Illinois co-sponsors these events.  The EUC hosts an event space for these live conferences, and details about these videoconference locations can be found on the EUC's calendar.

On Tuesday, November 17 the EUC co-sponsored the Dialogue on Europe Videoconference organized by the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh. Joanna Kakissis, foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, Andrea Segre, sociologist and documentary filmmaker, Martin Xuereb, director of Migrant Offshore Aid Station, and Alessandro Bertani, Vice President of the organization “Emergency” participated in the panel and discussed Europe’s migrant crisis.

 The conference began with a moment of silence to commemorate the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris. Then Dr. Ronald Linden, director of the European Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh, in his introductory statement addressed some of the complicated questions raised by the Paris’ events and began the discussion with the panelists. Various topics were addressed, such as the influence of the media on citizens regarding the refugees and the lack of cooperation between EU countries.

 Towards the end of the videoconference the audience had the chance to ask questions to the panelists. Given the size of the audience and the number of questions they asked it shows that the people in the US are also concerned about what is happening in Europe.

The next and last videoconference for this semester will take place on December 11. This conversation will concern the Paris Climate Talks that will be ongoing at that time.

The videoconference can be viewed below, or at the University of Pittsburgh's youtube page by clicking here:

Article by: Raphaela Berding


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