Thursday, March 3, 2016


Professor Michelle Egan
CHAMPAIGN-The European Union Center at the University of Illinois is pleased to announce that Professor Michelle Egan of the School of International Service at American University is the 2015 recipient of the Larry Neal Prize for Excellence in EU Studies, for her book Single Markets: Economic Integration in Europe and the United States published by Oxford University Press. The Larry Neal Prize was initiated by the EU Center at Illinois to recognize excellent research conducted by affiliated faculty of the EU Centers of Excellence located throughout the United States and Canada.

From the Oxford University Press description:
This ambitious volume provides a trenchant and timely analysis of the creation of a single market in both the EU and the US. Comparing the experience of the US during the nineteenth century and the single market of the EU in the twentieth century, Single Markets demonstrates how the political economy of single market formation has followed remarkably similar trajectories. Both cases show evidence of interplay between different levels of government in determining distributive outcomes; evolution of a legal framework for the market; and development of new regulatory strategies to deal with changing economic realities. The book illustrates the process of market consolidation through a detailed comparison of the so-called four freedoms: the removal of border controls; and the largely unrestricted transfer of goods, services, and capital across different jurisdictions. In both cases, establishing one market, one currency, and a more unified banking and financial system transformed largely autonomous or sovereign constituent units into a more unified economic entity.  Single Markets also sheds light on critically important questions for both comparativists and international relations scholars regarding the nature of territorial governance and the construction of state interests. The book's interdisciplinary approach to focusing on crucial political and economic developments on both sides of the Atlantic will be of interest to scholars in political science, public policy, law, and history.

Single Markets
Dr. Egan is a professor at American University, and besides her work with the School of International Service, she is an Affiliate Faculty Member in the Department of History, the coordinator of the European and Russian Studies Program, and faculty advisor for European Studies Certificate. She is also the Series Editor for Palgrave Series in EU Studies, and is the Vice President of the European Union Studies Association. She holds a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh

In honor of Professor Emeritus of Economics Larry Neal, the founding director of the European Union Center at the University of Illinois, the EU Center created the “Larry Neal Prize for Excellence in EU Scholarship” through the generous funds from the European Commission’s European Union Center of Excellence grant. Each year the Center solicits submissions of both books and articles that address current issues faced by the European Union and in transatlatlantic relations. Submissions are encouraged from all disciplinary fields. Visit the University of Illinois EU Center web site for more information about the award submission procedures


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