Monday, March 6, 2017

Conversations on Europe Videoconference with the University of Pittsburgh: Migrant Experience in Germany (VIDEO)

By Rachel Johannigmeier

On December 6, 2016, the Jean Monnet European Union Centre of Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh held a roundtable discussion entitled "The Migrant Experience in Germany auf Deutsch." Randall Halle (Chair of the German Department at the University of Pittsburgh) served as moderator of this roundtable, which was held completely in the German language.

From the abstract of the roundtable discussion:

What has been described in the media as a migration crisis in Europe is being characterized by many aid workers as a reception crisis.  The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has taken the lead among European heads of state in advocating for a safe and effective process of resettling migrants.  Taking Germany as an example, a panel of experts discusses the migrant experience in that country.  What are the legal processes for applying for asylum or settling as an economic migrant?  What is the pathway to citizenship?  What has been the public response?  How does Germany's experience compare with other European countries?  
A video of the conference can be viewed below or on YouTube:


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