Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bagpipes, Shawms, and Songs About Knights: Stary Olsa at the Illini Union

By Cassia Smith

Stary Olsa's drum

The Belarusian band Stary Olsa performs medieval, Renaissance, and early baroque music from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and western Europe. They use only period instruments (painstakingly handcrafted from historically accurate materials), such as cistra, Baltic psaltery, shawms, rebec, and Belarusian bagpipe. Over at REEEC's e-News blog, Master's student Sydney Lazarus describes a recent Stary Olsa performance at the Illini Union. (This performance was co-sponsored by the EUC as well as by other units on campus.) In addition to giving insight into the kinds of songs they perform and the instruments the band uses, the article includes pictures of the performance and links to their music.

You can see more Stary Olsa tour dates on their website. To keep up with EUC co-sponsored events, visit the Center calendar.


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