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Monday, May 4, 2015

Transatlantic Lessons: Why the European Way is STILL the Best Hope in an Insecure Age

On April 17, 2015, political author Steven Hill gave a lecture entitled "Transatlantic Lessons: Why the European Way is STILL the Best Hope in an Insecure Age." Mr. Hill is a writer, lecturer and political professional based in the United States with two decades of experience in politics. He currently is a Senior Fellow with the New America Foundation. Mr. Hill is a frequent speaker at academic, government, NGO and business events, speaking on a wide range of topics related to politics, economics, climate change, global complexity, and future trends.

From Mr. Hill's book description:
A quiet revolution has been occurring in post-World War II Europe. A world power has emerged across the Atlantic that is recrafting the rules for how a modern society should provide economic security, environmental sustainability, and global stability. For a decade Steven Hill traveled widely to understand this uniquely European way of life. In this talk, he explains Europe's bold new vision.

A video of the lecture can be viewed below or on the EUC's video library:


Friday, May 1, 2015

Effective Practices of International Volunteers in Disaster Relief: Implications for the EU Aid Volunteers Program

On April 10, 2015, Professor Ben Lough (School of Social Work, UIUC) and Chris Jackson (European Union Studies, UIUC) presented a lecture entitled "Effective Practices of International Volunteers in Disaster Relief: Implications for the EU Aid Volunteers Program."

From the abstract:
This presentation explores results from pilot stages of the EU Aid Volunteers (EUAV) program, and how lessons learned have enhanced the roll-out of the full program in 2015. The presentation first sets the context of EUAV within the larger EU humanitarian aid and development agendas. It describes the history of the program and some of the immediate and intermediate implementation challenges encountered during the pilot phases. The presentation then provides an overview the role of volunteers in different phases of disaster management, and how EUA Volunteers intend to intersect at these various phases. Emergent concerns about creation of the EUAV program are then presented, including issues of labour replacement, access and fairness, and how the program interfaces with EU member state policies. The presentation ends with a discussion of initial implications and the potential benefits of the program—particularly for EU13 states.

Professor Ben Lough earned his BS in Sociology in 2000 and his MSW in 2003 from Bringham Young University, and his PhD in 2010 from the George W. Brown School of Social Works at Washington University in St. Louis. In addition to working as a clinical social worker in the past, Dr. Lough has extensive international research experience, serving as consultants for the United Nations in Germany, the Department of Human and Social Services of American Samoa, and many others.

Chris Jackson is in his second year in the MAEUS program. Prior to the University of Illinois, Chris earned a BA in history from Centre College in Danville, KY in 2012. His research interests include the EU foreign policy, ethnic relations, and rule of law structures. His current project involves primary research on the EU Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo.

A video of the lecture is available to view below or on the EUC's video library:


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